How Auto Transport Prices Work & How Are They Calculated?

If you are planning to ship your car, then two questions might be troubling you. How auto transport prices work & how are they calculated? If so, then worry no more because Rancho Smog Auto Repair brings you the answers.

Read on, and by the end of this guide, you will be equipped with how the auto transport prices work, and also how to calculate them.

How Much Does Shipping A Car Costs?

The costs of shipping a car are not constant. When shipping a vehicle, there a few factors that are going to determine the final price you’ll pay to have it delivered. Such factors include;

  1. The distance from pickup to destination. Most auto transporters offer door to door shipping which is a great option for consumers. It costs much more anyway as compared to dropping the car at the terminal if you’re willing to slash off shipping costs, having the vehicle delivered to the terminal will do the trick.
  2. The vehicle type, and size; Supercars tend to cost more on shipping as compared to common cars. This is because you’ll need a special enclosed trailer to shield it from elements like road debris that would otherwise cause damages to it and add up costs. Similarly, large vehicles, e.g., Hammer are likely to cost more in securing them to the transit track, etc. to avoid potential damages.
  3. Insurance coverage; There are select vehicles, e.g., extremely rare models that would need extra coverage; hence this would lead to higher shipping fees, etc.
  4. Duties Tax

 You will be required to pay the taxes when your shipment arrives. However, the amount you will pay will vary depending on your state laws.

How Do You Calculate Shipping, and Handling Fees?

In calculating the shipping fees, you’re going to need a Shipping Rate Calculator. It features different states and gives out quotes based on vehicle types, and destinations, etc.. Fortunately, there are several tools that you can use to calculate your shipping costs. A good example is


If you are looking forward to shipping your car, then you will find this information quite helpful. However, make sure you understand your dealers’ terms before committing yourself to avoid extra costs.

Do You Need Insurance To Ship A Car Through Florida

Shipping a car from one state to another of course required some certain amount which also depend on the state its being shipped to. For instance, payment is made with the kind of service required such as indicating if the service will be door to door, port to port or door to port service all the services charges are different. The method and mode of transport use in shipping is also important which can be through inland or ocean transport. Destination fee is also important as it will be paid on every port, no matter the destination. All this requirements are necessary when considering shipping a car from one state to another. brings you some things to consider.

Direct Shippers

Insurance on the other hand is important when shipping an automobile abroad which Florida isn’t left out. Most time, international auto transporter offers insurance either through their own house in program or through the company they work with. Like other type of insurance, considering car shipping abroad insurance gives peace of mind. Therefore it is mandated and also a law for Auto mobile companies to insure all vehicles they ship, if they are the direct shippers.


But brokers who contracted with individual shippers, don’t carry insurance. Using transport companies is advantageous because they offer insurance to the transported car which means the car safety is guaranteed. The shipping insurance policies among companies vary and also should be noted that car will be inspected before driver loads it so as to figure out the area where the vehicle is damage so that customers will not try to make damage claims for preexisting issue.

Florida is one of the eight most expensive states for insurance

 Car insurance in Florida is one of the eight most expensive states for car insurance. Floridians pays an average of $654 annually for insurance also before you can drive a car in Florida, it requires a proof of insurance. Driving in Florida without insurance is illegal.

Find out more about how auto transport insurance works by clicking here.

How To Quickly Choose An Auto Transport Company In USA

Are you considering moving an auto from one place to another? In this case, you may require the services of an auto transport company. However, choosing a well reputable and reliable company is very crucial to customers so as to avoid scammers who tend to prey those shipping cars for long distances. They usually take advantage of your desire for good bargains where the services are costly and the massive information on the internet. This leaves the most challenging issue being how to quickly choose an auto transport company in USA? We have considered some of these issues at

Here are some tips that you can apply from

(1) Research to find trustworthy companies- This involves

  • Make a list of services that you are looking for and then searching online for the companies that offer such services.
  • Check the customer’s reviews and ratings of the companies that you’ve chosen. You can also seek the opinion of friends and family members. Take off those with low ratings from your list
  • Avoid those asking for payments through wire transfer like western union. Legit companies deal with checks and credit cards.
  • Avoid companies with grammatical and spelling errors on their websites. Genuine companies with experience avoid such mistakes.
  • Make sure the company has a valid Motor carrier number

(2) Enquire about the company’s policies and services- You can do this by:

  • Finding out the carrier option that the company offers, that is, whether open, multi or enclosed carrier. The first two are the cheapest but the third one offers the best protection.
  • Ask if there’re any insurance plans offered
  • Enquire about the payment arrangements since some require full payment before shipping
  • Look what its cancellation policy entails

(3) Compare the price quotes by:

  • Calling/visiting their site to get the quote
  • Getting quotes from other reputable firms
  • Avoiding settling for the cheapest option
  • Select the company that best suits your situation

What Is The Difference Between Open And Enclosed Car Shipping?

Shipping cars from one location to another is quite an involved process. In a market array with many options, choosing the right one requires insight. Information on how to identify the right choice is critical. Suggests that the primary objective of choosing shipping options is to ensure that the car arrives at the destination in perfect conditions.

Essentially, there are two main options to consider when shipping cars.

These are the open car shipping and enclosed car shipping. The decision to choose any of these options depends on several factors. Some of these factors include the cost, shipping duration and safety. The objective of this article is to shed light into the main differences between open and enclosed car shipping.

Open Shipping

As the name suggests, open car shipping refers to transporting a vehicle in the open without any covering. As you drive around, you may have realized the tendency of shipping companies to use open truck haulers typically between 75 and 80 feet that do not have any type of covering on top or sides. This leaves the cars exposed to all elements as they are in transit. The trailers also come in two levels the top and the lower level. Since the companies take great care to have the cars delivered in perfect condition, they normally strap and park the cars neatly to avoid any type of mobility and vibrations.

How to prepare your car for open shipping.

Enclosed Shipping

On the other hand, enclosed car shipping is a shipping option where the cars are enclosed in a shipping carrier. Shipping companies house the vehicles by covering the truck. In most cases, these companies carry few vehicles at a go. Compared to open car shipping, this mode offers better protection from elements such as rain, sun, snow and hail. It is common when shipping high-end cars. Due to this, it is normally harder to schedule as most companies have a tendency to do more of open car shipping.

How To Transport A Honda Across America

Do you wish to transport your Honda across America? I bet the thoughts of having it transported by Vehicle Transport Companies must have been bothering you for quite some time. At Bavarian Master Care we know that your car is a valuable investment. You’ll, therefore, need a reliable Vehicle Transport Company to help you ship it across America.

Here are quick pointers to check for when transporting your Honda.

The Timing

Transporting Honda across America should take around two to four weeks depending on your location. This seemingly ‘long’ wait is because car transport requires a lot of considerations to take into account. Nevertheless, a good Car Transit Company will give you a detailed breakdown of timing deliveries for different destinations across America.

The Cost Of Transport

Usually, the cost of transporting your Honda across America depends on the distance it will travel, your preferred trailer type, the season, and partly your region. Be sure to check out your dealer’s page to check out the updated pricing for transport to specific regions in America.

The Transport Type

Do you want to shield your Honda from external elements like dust, wind, and debris etc. that would impact its quality/appearance during transit? You’d consider having it transported in an enclosed transit. Nevertheless, having it carried in an open trailer will save you some bucks.


A good company should not only have an excellent reputation across America but should also be willing to give you real-time updates as you wait for your car. A proper tracking and monitoring system will help you know the status of your Honda transport right from the pickup point to the delivery point.

Bottom Line

While it may not hold too much weight, it’s always prudent to select an experienced auto transporter. They do not only understand the seasonal changes across America but are also reliable. Besides, you will also get to clear upfront charges with no hidden fees.

Click here for a link more about moving your Honda and your Honda Warranty

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car from New York to California?

Living in a digital age means that anyone can buy a car from a different state. People can now buy cars even without physically traveling to inspect them. That is a benefit on one side but on the other hand, the car will need to be transported. Living in California and buying a car from New York is easy but getting it to your doorstep is a whole different story. Rancho Smog Auto Repair wants you to know what you can expect.

How Long Does It Take?

The transport itself can take anywhere between 7 to 10 days. It depends a lot on the transporter and how it will be moved from one state to another. It may be faster to drive it to its destination state but in some cases, that is not possible. For those that need to transport their car to California from New York will have to expect about a week if they use professional services. It may sound like a lot of time and it is understandable especially for the buyer who wants to enjoy his new car as fast as possible. Sadly, this waiting time is normal and completely understandable.

Why Does It Take This Long?

Professional transport services need to take several risks into account. This means driving safely, ensuring that the car is protected and the car is not damaged while being transported. In simple words, it is better to not rush things and let the transporter do his job as he knows best. What can be done is to check the transport status with the company to see if everything is going as expected. If something happens during transport, there should be an insurance that would cover the damage. Also, the company may choose to use enclosed transport depending on the value of the car and the risk they are willing to take. Usually, the customer may also choose how his car is transported and can schedule with the company when it should be delivered while taking into account the estimated time it takes to move the car from California to New York.

Click here for a handy cost calculator to estimate your costs.

Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Auto Transport

If you are relocating to another town or need your car to be safely transported from point A to point B, you will need the services of an Auto transport company. Since your car will be loaded on the transporting company truck, you will need to prepare it. Diesel repair mesa az  brings you these tips to prepare your vehicle for auto transport.

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

1.  Wash and inspect your car

The aim of washing your car is not necessary to make it look clean. By washing your car, you will be able to identify the existing scratches and dents. Careful inspect your car and even take some photos before the transportation day. This will help you claim for compensation in case of damage.

2.  Maintenance check

Some mechanical problems may worsen during transportation if not taken care of. It’s good to have your mechanic come and asses your car before transportation for any repairs.

3.  Remove movable/loose parts

You will not want your valuables to disappear during transportation. It’s therefore recommended that you remove all loose or removable parts that may be in your car. In addition, the movable parts may damage or break parts of the car during transit.

4.  Empty the gas tank

There is no need to fill your tank when your car will not be driven. This will also minimize the shipment risks as your vehicle will be lighter. However, you can leave little fuel that can reach you to the nearest filling station after the drop-off.

5.  Disable the alarm and lock your car

The alarm will definitely be a nuisance to the transporter if not disabled. Ensure that any alarm system in your car is disabled. Remember to completely lock your car to avoid theft during transportation.

In conclusion

It’s good to vet several transport companies before you settle for one that will ferry your car without any mishaps. Remember it’s also important to notify your insurance of the transportation although accidents rarely occur.

Video on Quickly Unloading a Transport Truck

How Much Does It Cost To Ship My Car?

A number of people ship their cars to different destinations every year. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about shipping a car is how much it will cost. It is hard to give an accurate estimate because the price depends on a variety of different factors, such as the size, make and model of the car, shipping techniques and shipping distance. With that said, Automotive Super Center provides this rough estimate to help you figure out how much it will cost to ship your car. 

Things to Consider:


The size of the vehicle is perhaps the most important factors that determines the overall cost of the car shipping services. Cars are the most commonly shipped items. The cost of shipping an average-sized car does not generally go beyond $1000. However, a full-sized SUV will cost more.


The distance between the pick-up point and destination is another major factor that plays a key role in determining the shipping cost. Transporting a car could take a few days to weeks. The service provider will give you a price quote, depending on the distance and other key details. You may be charged a little extra if the vehicle needs to be transported to a remote location.


The condition of the car is also an important factor that impacts the shipping cost. Cars are usually driven into the carrier. If the car is not operational, the company will have to employ different techniques for loading and unloading purposes. Shipping this type of vehicle may cost an extra $100 or more.

Type of Service

The type of shipping service you select will also impact the shipping price. Closed car shipping and open car shipping are two main methods. The open car shipping method is more expensive than the former.


Thus, you need to consider all these factors when it comes to determining the shipping charges.

Click here for a free calculator to estimate your freight costs

How to transport A BMW through Texas

Moving from one state to another will prove to be a path paved with challenges. It can take weeks of planning and a lot of things need to get done in a short period of time. The most important part for every car guy is having their BMW transported to the destination. Beyer Motor Works wants you to know that transporting a BMW trough Texas is no different from transporting the car through any other state. The important part is how to get this down with minimal effort and in safe conditions. Some would prefer to drive their BMW to the destination, but the most convenient way is to pay a company to transport the car.

The entire process is simple.

It starts with a search for an auto transport company. There are plenty to choose from, but their terms and conditions are different. Spend time to read their policy and how they transport more exotic cars such as a BMW.

Ask for a Quote

The next step is to ask for a quote. On the quote, all costs should be included such as an estimate for the transport cost and the insurance. Auto transport companies usually offer insurance to cover the costs for eventual damages to the car while it is transported. The quote will vary a bit depending on the value of the car, size, and weight.

Things to Consider As You Make Your Selection

With several quotes at hand, it is time to choose a transportation company. The cheapest one is not always the better option. Check their transportation terms and services. Once a company is picked, it is time to sign a deal and schedule a pick-up date. Depending on the transportation distance, the entire process can take anywhere from a couple of days to 10 or more. The company should be able to offer an estimate of how long it will take for the car to reach the destination. Upon destination, make sure you inspect the vehicle to determine if any kind of damage occurred during transportation.

Can You Ship Your Car To Another Country?

Are you planning to ship your car overseas? If yes then you will be glad to know that it’s possible. However, the process is not easy since lots of thoughts and planning need to go into it.  Here are some thoughts from Auto Repair Monrovia.

Cars are valuable assets and shipping it overseas involves some costs. Therefore, to avoid extra cost, here are some of the things that you should know when shipping your car overseas.

What Documents Do I Need To Ship a Car Overseas?

According to the US customs, you’ll need either a certified copy of the title or the original title. These documents will be vital in proving your ownership of the vehicle. If you have the certified copy alone, only the Department of Motor Vehicle can verify the title.

Additionally, if you have an alien on the vehicle, you’ll need to obtain a letter from the lien holder. It should include your vehicle’s model, year, and make, etc. The later should also contain a proven statement that you’re allowed to ship the car to the other country.

This means that you will need to print this letter in letterhead, date it, and have it signed. Also, be sure to add the telephone number and contact names.

If you’re shipping a new car without a title, you can have it shipped by issuing its manufacturer’s statement of origin. To make this seamless, check with your car dealership. Get the original copy and two copies which you’ll hand over to the Customs office.

Bottom Line

Regardless of your reasons, shipping a car is a critical process. Planning ahead of time will help you to avoid any trouble that you are likely to incur with last minute rush. Try to find out which is the best means to use for shipping, and all the fees involved. By following this guide, you will be able to ship your car with fewer struggles.

Factors To Be Considered When Selecting Transport Mode And Carrier

To make the decision on which mode of transport and carrier you should use, you need to answer the question, what factors need to be considered in transport mode and carrier selection?  By answering this question you will be able to come up with the fasted, safest and most reliable mode of transport and carrier for your goods. Below lists some of the factors you should consider so as to choose the best mode of transport and carrier for your goods.

Reliability and Regularity.

You need to choose the mode which is rarely affected by other factors such as the weather. Also, you need to consider the uniformity of the selected mode since the arrival of your good to their destination depends on the mode of transport you will select. When selecting the carrier you also need to select the carrier with the lowest loss rates. This means the carrier which is most reliable since it’s upon the carrier’s reliability you will build your business reputation.


The security of the good you’re transporting depends on the mode of transport and the carrier you are using. Therefore you should always choose the least risky mode of transport, for example, roads are less risky compared to the sea. As for the carrier you need to choose the carrier with high rates since they will guarantee the safe arrival of your goods.

Cost and time

For an effective n successful business, you need a proper budget. This means you have to select the mode of transport and career within your budget range. Time is also very important as most of your client will depend on you to deliver your products on time. This will also help you to create a good reputation. Therefore you need to choose the fastest mode of transport and carrier.