Can You Ship Your Car To Another Country?

Are you planning to ship your car overseas? If yes then you will be glad to know that it’s possible. However, the process is not easy since lots of thoughts and planning need to go into it.  Here are some thoughts from Auto Repair Monrovia.

Cars are valuable assets and shipping it overseas involves some costs. Therefore, to avoid extra cost, here are some of the things that you should know when shipping your car overseas.

What Documents Do I Need To Ship a Car Overseas?

According to the US customs, you’ll need either a certified copy of the title or the original title. These documents will be vital in proving your ownership of the vehicle. If you have the certified copy alone, only the Department of Motor Vehicle can verify the title.

Additionally, if you have an alien on the vehicle, you’ll need to obtain a letter from the lien holder. It should include your vehicle’s model, year, and make, etc. The later should also contain a proven statement that you’re allowed to ship the car to the other country.

This means that you will need to print this letter in letterhead, date it, and have it signed. Also, be sure to add the telephone number and contact names.

If you’re shipping a new car without a title, you can have it shipped by issuing its manufacturer’s statement of origin. To make this seamless, check with your car dealership. Get the original copy and two copies which you’ll hand over to the Customs office.

Bottom Line

Regardless of your reasons, shipping a car is a critical process. Planning ahead of time will help you to avoid any trouble that you are likely to incur with last minute rush. Try to find out which is the best means to use for shipping, and all the fees involved. By following this guide, you will be able to ship your car with fewer struggles.