Do You Need Insurance To Ship A Car Through Florida

Shipping a car from one state to another of course required some certain amount which also depend on the state its being shipped to. For instance, payment is made with the kind of service required such as indicating if the service will be door to door, port to port or door to port service all the services charges are different. The method and mode of transport use in shipping is also important which can be through inland or ocean transport. Destination fee is also important as it will be paid on every port, no matter the destination. All this requirements are necessary when considering shipping a car from one state to another. brings you some things to consider.

Direct Shippers

Insurance on the other hand is important when shipping an automobile abroad which Florida isn’t left out. Most time, international auto transporter offers insurance either through their own house in program or through the company they work with. Like other type of insurance, considering car shipping abroad insurance gives peace of mind. Therefore it is mandated and also a law for Auto mobile companies to insure all vehicles they ship, if they are the direct shippers.


But brokers who contracted with individual shippers, don’t carry insurance. Using transport companies is advantageous because they offer insurance to the transported car which means the car safety is guaranteed. The shipping insurance policies among companies vary and also should be noted that car will be inspected before driver loads it so as to figure out the area where the vehicle is damage so that customers will not try to make damage claims for preexisting issue.

Florida is one of the eight most expensive states for insurance

 Car insurance in Florida is one of the eight most expensive states for car insurance. Floridians pays an average of $654 annually for insurance also before you can drive a car in Florida, it requires a proof of insurance. Driving in Florida without insurance is illegal.

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