How Auto Transport Prices Work & How Are They Calculated?

If you are planning to ship your car, then two questions might be troubling you. How auto transport prices work & how are they calculated? If so, then worry no more because Rancho Smog Auto Repair brings you the answers.

Read on, and by the end of this guide, you will be equipped with how the auto transport prices work, and also how to calculate them.

How Much Does Shipping A Car Costs?

The costs of shipping a car are not constant. When shipping a vehicle, there a few factors that are going to determine the final price you’ll pay to have it delivered. Such factors include;

  1. The distance from pickup to destination. Most auto transporters offer door to door shipping which is a great option for consumers. It costs much more anyway as compared to dropping the car at the terminal if you’re willing to slash off shipping costs, having the vehicle delivered to the terminal will do the trick.
  2. The vehicle type, and size; Supercars tend to cost more on shipping as compared to common cars. This is because you’ll need a special enclosed trailer to shield it from elements like road debris that would otherwise cause damages to it and add up costs. Similarly, large vehicles, e.g., Hammer are likely to cost more in securing them to the transit track, etc. to avoid potential damages.
  3. Insurance coverage; There are select vehicles, e.g., extremely rare models that would need extra coverage; hence this would lead to higher shipping fees, etc.
  4. Duties Tax

 You will be required to pay the taxes when your shipment arrives. However, the amount you will pay will vary depending on your state laws.

How Do You Calculate Shipping, and Handling Fees?

In calculating the shipping fees, you’re going to need a Shipping Rate Calculator. It features different states and gives out quotes based on vehicle types, and destinations, etc.. Fortunately, there are several tools that you can use to calculate your shipping costs. A good example is


If you are looking forward to shipping your car, then you will find this information quite helpful. However, make sure you understand your dealers’ terms before committing yourself to avoid extra costs.