How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car from New York to California?

Living in a digital age means that anyone can buy a car from a different state. People can now buy cars even without physically traveling to inspect them. That is a benefit on one side but on the other hand, the car will need to be transported. Living in California and buying a car from New York is easy but getting it to your doorstep is a whole different story. Rancho Smog Auto Repair wants you to know what you can expect.

How Long Does It Take?

The transport itself can take anywhere between 7 to 10 days. It depends a lot on the transporter and how it will be moved from one state to another. It may be faster to drive it to its destination state but in some cases, that is not possible. For those that need to transport their car to California from New York will have to expect about a week if they use professional services. It may sound like a lot of time and it is understandable especially for the buyer who wants to enjoy his new car as fast as possible. Sadly, this waiting time is normal and completely understandable.

Why Does It Take This Long?

Professional transport services need to take several risks into account. This means driving safely, ensuring that the car is protected and the car is not damaged while being transported. In simple words, it is better to not rush things and let the transporter do his job as he knows best. What can be done is to check the transport status with the company to see if everything is going as expected. If something happens during transport, there should be an insurance that would cover the damage. Also, the company may choose to use enclosed transport depending on the value of the car and the risk they are willing to take. Usually, the customer may also choose how his car is transported and can schedule with the company when it should be delivered while taking into account the estimated time it takes to move the car from California to New York.

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