How To Quickly Choose An Auto Transport Company In USA

Are you considering moving an auto from one place to another? In this case, you may require the services of an auto transport company. However, choosing a well reputable and reliable company is very crucial to customers so as to avoid scammers who tend to prey those shipping cars for long distances. They usually take advantage of your desire for good bargains where the services are costly and the massive information on the internet. This leaves the most challenging issue being how to quickly choose an auto transport company in USA? We have considered some of these issues at

Here are some tips that you can apply from

(1) Research to find trustworthy companies- This involves

  • Make a list of services that you are looking for and then searching online for the companies that offer such services.
  • Check the customer’s reviews and ratings of the companies that you’ve chosen. You can also seek the opinion of friends and family members. Take off those with low ratings from your list
  • Avoid those asking for payments through wire transfer like western union. Legit companies deal with checks and credit cards.
  • Avoid companies with grammatical and spelling errors on their websites. Genuine companies with experience avoid such mistakes.
  • Make sure the company has a valid Motor carrier number

(2) Enquire about the company’s policies and services- You can do this by:

  • Finding out the carrier option that the company offers, that is, whether open, multi or enclosed carrier. The first two are the cheapest but the third one offers the best protection.
  • Ask if there’re any insurance plans offered
  • Enquire about the payment arrangements since some require full payment before shipping
  • Look what its cancellation policy entails

(3) Compare the price quotes by:

  • Calling/visiting their site to get the quote
  • Getting quotes from other reputable firms
  • Avoiding settling for the cheapest option
  • Select the company that best suits your situation