How to transport A BMW through Texas

Moving from one state to another will prove to be a path paved with challenges. It can take weeks of planning and a lot of things need to get done in a short period of time. The most important part for every car guy is having their BMW transported to the destination. Beyer Motor Works wants you to know that transporting a BMW trough Texas is no different from transporting the car through any other state. The important part is how to get this down with minimal effort and in safe conditions. Some would prefer to drive their BMW to the destination, but the most convenient way is to pay a company to transport the car.

The entire process is simple.

It starts with a search for an auto transport company. There are plenty to choose from, but their terms and conditions are different. Spend time to read their policy and how they transport more exotic cars such as a BMW.

Ask for a Quote

The next step is to ask for a quote. On the quote, all costs should be included such as an estimate for the transport cost and the insurance. Auto transport companies usually offer insurance to cover the costs for eventual damages to the car while it is transported. The quote will vary a bit depending on the value of the car, size, and weight.

Things to Consider As You Make Your Selection

With several quotes at hand, it is time to choose a transportation company. The cheapest one is not always the better option. Check their transportation terms and services. Once a company is picked, it is time to sign a deal and schedule a pick-up date. Depending on the transportation distance, the entire process can take anywhere from a couple of days to 10 or more. The company should be able to offer an estimate of how long it will take for the car to reach the destination. Upon destination, make sure you inspect the vehicle to determine if any kind of damage occurred during transportation.