Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Auto Transport

If you are relocating to another town or need your car to be safely transported from point A to point B, you will need the services of an Auto transport company. Since your car will be loaded on the transporting company truck, you will need to prepare it. Diesel repair mesa az  brings you these tips to prepare your vehicle for auto transport.

Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

1.  Wash and inspect your car

The aim of washing your car is not necessary to make it look clean. By washing your car, you will be able to identify the existing scratches and dents. Careful inspect your car and even take some photos before the transportation day. This will help you claim for compensation in case of damage.

2.  Maintenance check

Some mechanical problems may worsen during transportation if not taken care of. It’s good to have your mechanic come and asses your car before transportation for any repairs.

3.  Remove movable/loose parts

You will not want your valuables to disappear during transportation. It’s therefore recommended that you remove all loose or removable parts that may be in your car. In addition, the movable parts may damage or break parts of the car during transit.

4.  Empty the gas tank

There is no need to fill your tank when your car will not be driven. This will also minimize the shipment risks as your vehicle will be lighter. However, you can leave little fuel that can reach you to the nearest filling station after the drop-off.

5.  Disable the alarm and lock your car

The alarm will definitely be a nuisance to the transporter if not disabled. Ensure that any alarm system in your car is disabled. Remember to completely lock your car to avoid theft during transportation.

In conclusion

It’s good to vet several transport companies before you settle for one that will ferry your car without any mishaps. Remember it’s also important to notify your insurance of the transportation although accidents rarely occur.

Video on Quickly Unloading a Transport Truck