What Is The Difference Between Open And Enclosed Car Shipping?

Shipping cars from one location to another is quite an involved process. In a market array with many options, choosing the right one requires insight. Information on how to identify the right choice is critical. http://www.germanimportscarcare.com/ Suggests that the primary objective of choosing shipping options is to ensure that the car arrives at the destination in perfect conditions.

Essentially, there are two main options to consider when shipping cars.

These are the open car shipping and enclosed car shipping. The decision to choose any of these options depends on several factors. Some of these factors include the cost, shipping duration and safety. The objective of this article is to shed light into the main differences between open and enclosed car shipping.

Open Shipping

As the name suggests, open car shipping refers to transporting a vehicle in the open without any covering. As you drive around, you may have realized the tendency of shipping companies to use open truck haulers typically between 75 and 80 feet that do not have any type of covering on top or sides. This leaves the cars exposed to all elements as they are in transit. The trailers also come in two levels the top and the lower level. Since the companies take great care to have the cars delivered in perfect condition, they normally strap and park the cars neatly to avoid any type of mobility and vibrations.

How to prepare your car for open shipping.

Enclosed Shipping

On the other hand, enclosed car shipping is a shipping option where the cars are enclosed in a shipping carrier. Shipping companies house the vehicles by covering the truck. In most cases, these companies carry few vehicles at a go. Compared to open car shipping, this mode offers better protection from elements such as rain, sun, snow and hail. It is common when shipping high-end cars. Due to this, it is normally harder to schedule as most companies have a tendency to do more of open car shipping.